Tom Nelson | What’s Your Calling?

Tom Nelson | What’s Your Calling?

We hope you’re all enjoying a wonderful summer break, full of laughter and rest and memory making with those you love most! Those are definitely some of our biggest goals this summer as well, which is why for the month of July we’re throwing it back each week to some of our very favorite episodes from Season 1!

This week we’re revisiting the wonderful conversation we had with the man, the myth, the legend . . . Pastor Tommy Nelson. He’s a former D1 Football Player who in his 60’s can still bench 300 & run 3 miles. He’s been the pastor of Denton Bible Church for decades, he’s one of the greatest Bible teachers of our time, hands down. He’s known most for his incredible teaching on sex, marriage, and dating through the Song of Solomon, and he’s also known for just cutting the fluff and shooting straight!

We are so honored to welcome to the show today our very special guest…. Pastor Tommy Nelson.




“I never really had big plans, I would just go from horizon to horizon, trying to be faithful where I was, and I would just say, “God, you develop me.” I’ve just always tried to read my Bible, pray, disciple men, and get others to do it. Someone told me early on, “Don’t be concerned about the will of God for your life, be concerned about the will of God. The will of God is the great commission. Do that, and let God direst your path. And He always has.”


“Great people are great because they’re always faithful in basic things.”


“Do what’s right and let the chips fall where they may.”


“The eyes of God move to and fro throughout the earth that He might strongly support the one whose heart is completely His.”


“God can use anything to supply our needs.”


“You have to have the confidence in doing what you know is right, even if it means suffering.”


“Make the decision you can best shave with”


“There have been times in my ministry where I made decisions off what I felt was pressure, and everyone liked me, but I didn’t sleep well. But I’ve also made lots of decisions where I could sleep well, but people didn’t like me, and I was ok with that.  As long as me and God are ok.”


“When your output exceeds your intake, your upkeep becomes your downfall.”


“Protect your mornings, nights, and weekends.”


“Always do everyday, something you absolutely delight in.”


“As each has received a spiritual gift, employ it, as a good steward of the manifold grace of God.”


“Everybody has an intuitive, instinctive ability to serve God. There are instinctive gifts, and whenever you get in the body of Christ, and whenever you get in the world and you seek to love them and serve, you’re going to follow a certain intuitive, natural instinct.”


“The greatest vexation we have is wasted potential.”


“You look for the talents your spouse has, for the loves that they have, and then spend money, time, and whatever is needed to foment those things and let them grow.”


“Find what you do well and deligate all the rest.” Howard Hendrix


“If you to play with the big boys, you’ve got to get out where the big boys are.”




“Start eating what the big boys eat.”


“To live is Christ”


“You may die weary, but you will not die with regrets.”



” I want people at my funeral to stand up if they were touched by the things I taught and the life I lived, and I hope alot of people stand up, and will carry on the truth that I put into them.”


” Love your Bible.”


“When I’m cut, I want to bleed Bible.”


“If you’ve got three real friends, you’re a rich man.”


“A man without any friends will be broken to pieces; there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.”


“I got a lot of good buddies, but about three friends I trust with my soul.”


“Make sure the person you choose to marry is a person you can be bored with; someone you just enjoy being with.”


“Don’t begin a lifelong relationship based on sex. It’s like a flame started with lighter fluid. It’s going to flame up and die out.  You can’t keep it going.”


“Start a marriage based on kindness, character, and friendship, and let it develop into all the other stuff.”




“Make a living wherever you want to make a living, but make a LIFE by learning the Word of God and putting it into young men and women until the end of your life, and you will die happy.”
























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