6: Passion & Purpose with Wes Yoder

6: Passion & Purpose with Wes Yoder

On today’s episode we are super excited to have the one, the only, WES YODER here with us! Wes is an incredible speaker, author, and Founder of Ambassador Agency, a speaking bureau in Nashville, TN. He’s worked in the christian music industry there in Nashville, helping launch many well-known artists such as Amy Grant, Rebecca St. James, and Michael Card. His literary projects include media representation for The Purpose Driven Life, Mistaken Identity, and The Shack. He has appeared on The TODAY Show, NBC Nightly News, ABC’s Prime Time, Dateline NBC, and CNN. And now HERE with US on the One Life Podcast!!

We cannot wait for you to hear our conversation with Wes. You’re going to want to grab a good cup of coffee, and a pen and paper to take notes, because he shares so much wisdom with us today. We hope you enjoy our conversation with Wes Yoder.




“The first calling of a man is to know himself and discover the truth about who he is.”


“When we refuse to forgive others it actually reveals our lack of trust in God.”


“Develop a lifestyle of curiosity.”


“Ask yourself the questions about what you see. Become an observer of the things around you.”


“Take the time to come to a place of unity with your spouse.”


“Sometimes the dream in your heart is just the doorway to the REAL dream God wants you to have.”


“Passion Matters.”


“God has put certain intrinsic things inside of everyone that need to be celebrated, but before they can be celebrated they need to be discovered.”



Bond of Brothers



Creation in Christ

C.S. Lewis




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