56: Don Pape | Write Your Story

This week, we’re jumping into the world of writing and we've brought in the best of the best for you. We’ve asked our good friend and...

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Remembering Jan Peterson

A few short months ago, Chris and I had the incredible honor of sitting down with the lovely Jan Peterson, wife of beloved author Eugene...

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53: Kellye Fabian | Sacred Questions

On today’s episode we’re talking with our new friend, Kellye Fabian.   Kellye is an incredible author, teacher, and pastor at Willow Creek Community Church in...

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52: Kyle Idleman | Don’t Give Up

On today’s episode we’re talking with Kyle Idleman. Kyle is the Teaching Pastor at Southeast Christian in Louisville, KY, best selling author of six books,...

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34: Meshali Mitchell | Restoration

On today’s episode we’re talking with our good friend and world renowned photographer, Meshali Mitchell. Meshali is known for her incredible gift of capturing the...

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