About Chris and Jenni

Chris and Jenni Graebe have fully embraced the One Life mindset through being on MTV reality shows, starting multiple businesses, having FIVE children, traveling the globe, and serving for over 13 years in ministry. Join the conversation and be inspired to live your one life well!

Chris Graebe

Chris Graebe is a Husband, Dad, Faith Leader, Speaker and Entrepreneur.

Chris first hit the scene in the early 2000’s as a cast member on MTV’s Road Rules South Pacific, followed by MTV’s Battle of the Sexes 2. With a viewing audience of over 370 million, Chris was able to share his faith in Christ.

Over the past 7 years, Chris served on staff at one of the most forward-thinking and innovative (not to mention fastest growing) churches in America, Life.Church. He had the privilege of serving as Campus Pastor at Life.Church Keller for 4 years.

Through his gift of communication Chris has touched the lives of over 300,000 individuals. He is passionate about speaking on topics such as: Leadership, Faith, Entrepreneurship & Family. Chris is driven to see folks step into the purpose and calling God has for their lives, as well as encouraging others to understand that we all have ONE LIFE and that we should live it well.

Chris and his wife Jenni have been married for over 13 years and they have 5 amazing, world-changing children.

Jenni Graebe

I’m Jenni Graebe!  I love Jesus, my dream guy of 13 years, and my FIVE beautiful Graebe babies more than anything in the whole wild world.  I have a strange affinity for cheesy 80’s music, spiritual growth books, meaningful conversation, and living life to the full.
Things that drive me bananas :

  • small talk (let’s get straight to the good stuff please!)
  • women competing with one another (let’s cheer each other on, sister!)
  • seeing someone settle for less than the life they’re born to live (let’s remember who we are, grab some courage and live the life we dream of!)

I’m so glad you’re here! I hope you’ll grab a hot cup of coffee and make yourself at home.   You are so welcome here, friend!  Just as you are. But I pray as you read and watch and listen, something in you will start to change.  That you’ll find your mindset shifting, your head lifting and your courage increasing.  Because, friend. That’s what this is all about.