97: Christy Nockles | Living From Rest

97: Christy Nockles | Living From Rest

On today’s episode, we’re talking with one of our favorite people on the planet, singer/songwriter & worship leader Christy Nockles.

Christy and her husband, Nathan, toured nationwide as the Christian music duo, Watermark. They were also a part of the Passion movement for over twenty years, and little known fact, Christy can actually catch a fly with her bare fingertips!

Christy shares with us the practice that has changed her life most : learning to live from a place of rest. We chat with Christy about how to let go of the hustle and find our true identity in God’s heart, how to let Him set the pace for our life, and how to truly live from a place of rest as His beloved.

Pull up a chair and join us, this is a great one! Listen in.

Make sure to check out Christy’s new book, The Life You Long For


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