95: Sissy Goff | Overcoming Stress & Anxiety

95: Sissy Goff | Overcoming Stress & Anxiety

Welcome back to another episode, friends! We’re so excited to finally be back with you today. We hope you’re doing well, and just want to especially acknowledge all of our friends in the great state of Texas, who just endured the great snowstorm of 2021. We love you, it was honestly so hard to hear what was happening and not be able to help, but were so glad it’s finally over and that the sun is back where it belongs! For anyone interested, we’ll post a few ways to help out our TX friends in the show notes.

So, on today’s episode, we are so thrilled to introduce you to someone who’s really made a huge impact in our city, talk about long obedience in the same direction, she’s been a licensed counselor for 25 years here in Nashville, she’s written 12 books helping parents and kids navigate all the ups and downs of life, we’re talking about Sissy Goff. Even before we moved to Nashville, we had people saying, “You’re moving to Nashville? You’ve got to meet Sissy. You have to have her on the show!” So, it’s been a long time coming, and after today’s conversation I think you’ll understand why everyone was singing her praises! Sissy offers so much wisdom and guidance in today’s episode on overcoming stress and anxiety, and specifically how to help our kids with the stress and anxiety they’re being hit with.

No matter what situation this finds you in today, we hope as you listen, God will meet you right where you are and speak directly into the place you find yourself!

Pull up a chair and join us, this is a great one! Listen in.


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