87: Alli Worthington | Stand Strong Together

87: Alli Worthington | Stand Strong Together

This week we’re talking about overcoming worry and anxiety with Alli Worthington, best selling author, speaker, and host of The Alli Worthington Show.


Alli shares how to push past the fears that keep us from doing what God’s called us to do, how to more clearly discern God’s guidance in our lives, and how to take action and build confidence as we move forward.



Four more courage building, make sure to check out Alli’s newest book, Standing Strong, that’s available TODAY!



Guys, we hope this conversation will bless you as much as it did us! Listen in!


What book has changed your life?
Atomic Habits, James Clear 

What habit has changed your life?
Waking up at 5:00am

What’s advice would you give to the younger you?

“Go for it, nobody is paying attention.”


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