8: Success Through Serving with Mark and Carol Maxwell

8: Success Through Serving with Mark and Carol Maxwell

Each and everyone of us has a God given assignment. He’s planted us in specific cities, given us specific gifts, talents, & passions to serve specific people!

For our incredible guests today, Mark and Carol Maxwell, God made it very clear they’re called to serve artists & creatives in the city of Nashville using the unique gifts God has given them.

Carol is an extremely talented & highly sought after makeup artist there in Nashville and Mark has worked in the music industry for over 30 years as a record executive, an entertainment lawyer, and music business professor at Belmont University.

God has given YOU specific gifts, placed you in a specific city, and called you to serve specific people. We pray as you listen, you’ll receive clarity on what those are for you and the courage you need to walk in them.





“Our eyes are always on eternity and that helps us keep our palms up and open to the Lord.” – Carol


“It all starts with an assignment from God. What is HE calling you to do?” – Mark


“Find times daily, and even bigger times monthly and annually to really go after the voice of God for your life.” – Mark

“We all love to know the steps ahead of us, but God doesn’t give us the full steps.  If he did, we wouldn’t need faith… which ultimately is what pleases the Lord.” – Carol


“Success in life doesn’t come from networking, it actually comes from serving. It comes from giving to others, not taking from others.  It comes from dying to yourself and focusing on others, and that’s what Jesus calls us to do.” – Mark



“Character Counts” – Mark & Carol


“Sometimes the people who have the most successful careers are not the most talented people, but the ones who have learned how to love people well, serve people well, show up on time, and really just do the work.”  – Mark


“Super talent without character is just a flash in the pan.” – Mark




“Taking risks means there’s going to be failures.  And sometimes it’s not really a failure, it just didn’t turn out the way we wanted it to.  But it turned out the way God wanted it to.” – Carol



“Don’t strive. Rest in Him and His plan.” – Carol



“Learn to accept mistakes and learn trust God when you do make mistakes.” – Mark







Redeeming Love, Francine Rivers






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