79: John Delony | Keep Yourself Well During Crisis

79: John Delony | Keep Yourself Well During Crisis

On today’s episode we’re chatting with mental health specialist and newest Ramsey Personality, Dr. John Delony.

Before joining the Ramsey team, John worked as a senior leader at multiple universities, he has extensive experience in personal and community crisis care, and he holds two Ph.D.s in counseling and higher education.

John shares with us how to take responsibility for our thoughts and behaviors, simple steps to move towards joy, and some practical ways we can keep ourselves and our families well during this season of quarantine and beyond.  Get your notepad and pen ready, this is a good one! Listen in.





“Our brains equate familiarity with safety.”


“Focus on what you can control, and just let the other stuff go.”


“Loneliness is one of the greatest demons of our time.”



“This is all of our first pandemics; we can all extend grace to one another.”


“Anxiety is a fire alarm.”


“Anxiety and joy are on the same switch. They’re both coming from the same part of your brain.”


“The Kingdom of God is not in trouble.”


“Grace finds its way through the cracks in the concrete in some pretty profound ways.”


“I am 100% confident that there is light at the end of this tunnel, there is joy to be found on the other side of this thing.”



What book has changed your life?
I Don’t Want to Talk About It
Why We Sleep
Fight Club


What habit has changed your life?
Keeping a Gratitude Journal
Taking cold showers


What’s advice would you give to the younger you?

Stop spending so much time trying to look like you know what you’re taking about, and actually start working on honing your craft.


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