77: Lisa Bevere | Becoming Strong

77: Lisa Bevere | Becoming Strong

When I was in college, someone handed me a stack of Spiritual Growth books and said, “The things that will change your life are the people you meet and the books you read.” And I was hooked for life.

Photography by Meshali Mitchell


On today’s episode we’re chatting with one of the authors whose books dramatically changed my life in that very first season of falling in love with God through reading. Please join us in welcoming to the show today, New York Times Best Selling Author, leader, and beloved Bible teacher, Lisa Bevere.



We talk with Lisa about what true strength really looks like according to God’s word, how to stay strong even when things around us are uncertain, and how to recover our strength when life zaps it. Wherever this finds you today, we pray this conversation will encourage you and point you towards the only true source of strength. Listen in.





“In all of the shaking, we make the connection to our God who is unshakeable.”


Psalm 18:1 “I love you, Lord, my strength.”


“When you celebrate what is right, you actually displace what is wrong.”


“God is our source of strength, and we must keep directing our hearts back to the source.”


“An idol is anything we draw our strength from or give our strength to outside of God.”


“God doesn’t wait until we change to forgive us, God forgives us so that we can change.”


Eph 6:10, “God is strong, and He wants you strong.”


“This is not a time to be indifferent.”


“Strong men and women open their mouth with kindness and wisdom, and use their words to lift and build, not to tear down.”


“It takes a whole lot more strength ti lift people than to tear them down.”


“God gives us strength to lift one another.”


“This is not a season to shrink back, cross our arms, and lock our doors, this is a time to sow seeds of encouragement.”


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Praying the “Our Father”

Don’t spend time trying to make people like you.




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