70: Addison Bevere | Discover Your True Identity

70: Addison Bevere | Discover Your True Identity

On today’s episode we’re chatting with author, speaker, and COO of Messenger International, Addison Bevere about what it means to discover and live out of our true identity in Christ. We had such a wonderful conversation with Addison about his newest book, Saints: Becoming more than “Christians.” If you’re like us, and just the mention of the word Saint causes you to recoil just a bit, stick with us, you’ll be so refreshed as Addison unpacks the truth about our sacred identity as saints in Christ. Listen in.



A few favorite takeaways from today’s episode:


“Holiness is not a destination, it’s a journey.”


“The journey into holiness is really the journey into wholeness.”


“The journey of holiness is actually the journey of discovering what it means to be His.”


“It’s a journey into seeing myself the way God sees me.”


“So much of our walk with Christ is unlearning assumptions that we had about ourselves, our world, and who we are in Him.”


“We live in the tension of being and becoming.”


“You are a saint… now become one.”



Addison’s Life Changing Book:

After You Believe, N.T. Wright


Addison’s Life Changing Habit:

“I started writing in the margin of my Bible every time I read, and over time it began to change the way I interacted with Scripture. It created this insatiable hunger in me for the Word of God, and radically changed my life.”


Addison’s Advice to the Younger You:

“Be present. When you’re not present, you can forget entire seasons.  Be right where you are, find the beauty in that season. Trust God with your tomorrow. So, be present, and trust God.”



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