58: Dr. John Townsend | Cultivate Healthy Relationships

58: Dr. John Townsend | Cultivate Healthy Relationships

On this week’s episode we had the incredible honor of chatting with one of our favorite authors, whose work has literally changed millions of lives, we’re talking about the one and only, Dr. John Townsend. As a leadership expert and psychologist, John has written or co-written 30 books, selling 10 million copies, including the New York times best-seller Boundaries (which should just be required reading for adulthood, if you haven’t read it yet, you’ll want to grab a copy)

We talk with Dr. Townsend about his latest project, People Fuel. We know we receive energy from good nutrition, exercise, adequate sleep and maintaining positivity. But there is another major source for the energy we need: having the right kinds of relationships with others. Not the ones that drain us, but the ones that refuel us. Dr. Townsend unpacks the types of relationships we need most and how to intentionally cultivate them in our lives. Listen in.



Sharpening the Focus of the Church, Gene A. Getz




“Check in time with my wife everyday when we get home, and we don’t give advice until we really understand what the other is feeling.  That simple little ritual changes the tone of the evening, and gets us connected with each other.”




“Get intentional about developing your comrades and your home team. Sometimes we feel like asking to spend time with someone who has alot of character that we really admire is too difficult, but that’s not correct. Don’t be picked as much as you pick in your relationships and you’ll have a better life team.”





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