41: Casey & Anisa Darnell | Supporting Each Other’s Dreams

41: Casey & Anisa Darnell | Supporting Each Other’s Dreams

In this episode, we chat with our amazing  friends and the founders of  Truth & CoCasey and Anisa Darnell

You guys are going to fall in love with them for sure. We covered just about everything in our conversation! From how to support your spouse’s dreams, order your life according to what matters most, Anisa’s experience on HGTV’s Design Wars, and we may have even discussed Casey’s former glory days in a Christian boy band! You will probably laugh out loud, you may even shed a tear, but you will definitely be moved and inspired to go and live your one life well!




“You get down the road doing the things God’s called you to do and at some point you have to stop and ask Am I still supposed to be doing this?”


“My heart began to outgrow the need to travel and perform and began to get bigger for what was happening under my own roof.”


“I realized, the greatest platform in my life is the one at home, at the kitchen sink, the one serving my family, not the stages I keep leaving my family to go get on. And I realized if I don’t slow down and take hold of it, I’m gonna miss it.”


“Seeing my husband put his words into action made me feel so supported and so believed in.”


“The music I was writing was all about my family, and I realized if it was taking me away from them, I was missing the point. The family was the dream for me.”


“Don’t trade what’s unique to you for something someone else can do.”


“Whatever is true and excellent and praise worthy, think on these things.” Phil. 4:8


“I would compare what we did to impact the world, and would think what I did was so materialistic, but he encourage me that I was impacting families by helping them create an atmosphere for the most important thing which is home and family.”


“We had an “aha” moment as a family. We just started dreaming together and putting all of our dreams and goals down on a sheet of paper and it turned into Truth&Co. So, I kept this piece of paper and look at it often to remind me, this is what we wrote down, work towards it.”


“Music sets the tone in the house. We have it cranked all the time.”


“Music that echoes in the hallways effects the heart.”


“Don’t wait for the perfect moment, learn to cherish the precious moments right in front of you above the storms.”


“Seek wisdom, pray about it, and the DO it.”


“You’re already taking tons of risks. Just take it one step further. God has your best in mind.”


“My wife didn’t jump into this marriage so that she could revolve around me like the moon, God joined our wills together.”


“Reach out to each other and share those hopes and dreams. Become each other’s biggest fans and begin to really champion those things in each other.”


“It’s not really a crazy risk if your heart’s in it and your passionate about it. The bigger risk is to waste your life doing something you don’t love doing.”





Rich Dad, Poor Dad

The E Myth

Story Brand


Strong Fathers Strong Daughters





“Being intentional about family time. Protecting our time together on the weekends. Putting the phone away.” Anisa

“Running and listening to audio books.”  Casey





“Give yourself a lot of grace. Start saving. Get some assets.” Anisa

“Wait. It doesn’t all need to happen right now. God always has your best in mind.” Casey



Truth & Co.




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