37: Jonathan Merritt | Learning to Speak God

37: Jonathan Merritt | Learning to Speak God

On today’s episode we’re chatting with our new friend, Jonathan Merritt.  Jonathan is an incredibly gifted faith and culture writer whose published more than 3,000 articles for outlets such as the New York Times, USA Today, Washington Post, and CNN.

We chat with Jonathan about his journey moving from the Bible Belt to New York City and how he found himself struggling to engage people in spiritual conversations who didn’t speak the “christianese” he was used to in the South.  If you’ve ever found yourself in an “in between” season, wrestling through difficult questions, or maybe walking closely with someone who is, this conversation is for you. We were so encouraged by the truth that Jonathan shares and cannot wait for you to hear it. Enjoy!





“There are times in life when you hear a whisper, and you have every practical reason in the world to say no to the whisper. But if you do, that whisper will go away and never come back and you’ll miss out on that adventure.”


“In NYC the people who go to church are those who mean it.”


“It is one of the most stunning things to be in a city that is so pluralistic and post christian and to get together in a room of people who are so fired up and sold out to Jesus. You can just feel it when you walk in the room and it rubs off on you.”


“Familiarity breeds unfamiliarity and unfamiliarity breeds contempt.” – Dallas Willard


“You can talk about something so often you don’t know what it means anymore.”


“The mystery of God is not a code that you crack.”


“Jesus asked over 120 questions.”


“The life of faith is not about having all the right answers, but also about embracing the right questions.”


“Questions are just as divine as answers.”


“God is in the wrestling, not just in the figuring out.”


“God shows up in the ‘I don’t knows and in the journey between the question and the answer.”


“When we give people permission to wrestle, it liberates them to have conversations they might not otherwise have.”


“A lot of times the Spirit is speaking, but we have our fingers in our ears.”


“In Western Christianity, when we want to encounter God, we make a lot of noise- we have a spiritual conversation, we preach a sermon, or pray a lot of words. Eastern Christians do the opposite, when they want to encounter God, they stop making noise, they get quiet and listen.”


“If you don’t have the intake you can’t have the outflow.”


“Do not rush past the gift of today to live in the fear of what may come tomorrow.”






Learning to Walk in the Dark, Barbara Brown Taylor



Remembering life is a gift. being present to the gift of today.



“It gets better.”




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