36: Stasi Eldredge | Defiant Joy

36: Stasi Eldredge | Defiant Joy

On today’s episode we had the incredible honor of chatting with one of our very favorite mentors on the planet, New York Times best selling author, Stasi Eldredge. Stasi and her husband John lead Ransomed Heart Ministries in Colorado and have been such a guiding light to us throughout our faith journey. We could not be more excited to share this incredible conversation with you today. We chat with Stasi about her latest project, DEFIANT JOY, taking hold of our joy, hope, and life in the midst of a hurting world. Wherever you’re at, driving to work, dropping your kids off at school, maybe going for a run or just doing chores around the house, we hope this encourages you and strengthens you to live it well.





“There’s something about our faith, especially in the current world we live in, that requires a defiance.


“We are standing in a world where the current is constantly raging against us.”


“Defiant joy is about knowing a rootedness in Christ; knowing His heart.”


“Joy is an entirely different substance than happiness.”


“We are called to know His immovable nature in the midst of the shifting sands of this world.”


“When we are grounded in the heart of God, we know that good is coming. life has the final word, and that the character of God is not up for grabs based on the latest news feed.”


“When I invite Jesus in, I can step into the day knowing, whatever comes my way, I’m not alone and it does not have the final say.”


“My identity is not up for grabs based on how this day goes, how I do in it, or what comes my way.”


“It’s about pursuing a life of finding our identity rooted deeper and deeper in Christ.”


“In those places of deep loss, what is the hope that we can cling to as Christians?
Christ has won. Death and suffering do not have the final say- life and love do.”


“Joy is actually our birthright, even amidst the pain.”


“When we can come to know joy in Christ, not in a way that diminishes the pain, or denies reality, but holds to an unwavering faith in the midst of that, it breeds something made of gold inside.”


“To know God and His character, who He truly is, changes everything.”


“Comparison is the thief of joy.”


“No one gets a free pass. Everybody has their something.”


“Only when we’re centered in the love of God are we able to celebrate with others.”


“ When we’re in a place of self accusation or shame, we’re unable to be channels of the love of Christ because we’re completely focused on ourselves.”


“When it’s a conviction of the Holy Spirit drawing us to repentance, we don’t spiral down and crash, we spiral up into a posture of thankfulness.”


“One leads to isolation and pain, and the other leads to deeper intimacy with Christ.”


“There are critical places He’s called us to grow, but it’s a partnership with God that leads us to grow, and we’re not partnering with God when we’re camped out in shame.”


“Our joy cannot be rooted in another person’s well being.”


“Where are you drawing your identity from?”


“Denial will never be the grounds for joy.”


“We have to own the reality of what we are living in and invite Jesus in to bear it with us together.”


“The best way to pursue joy is to pursue God. Pursue knowing Him.”


“Start with this prayer : Lord, reveal to me who you are. I want to know the real you. Reveal to me who I am. I want to know how you see me.”


“Come to know Jesus in a way that tethers your heart to joy.”


“Gratitude unlocks joy.”


“You cannot experience joy unless their is a posture of gratitude going on in your heart and mind.”


“Cultivate a life of remembering the faithfulness of God, not only throughout history, but in your own life.”




Sacred Romance, John Eldredge & Brent Curtis


This Daily Prayer


“It’s gonna be ok. You’re not a failure. Just get to know Jesus.”



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