35: Neil Tomba | Conversations that Matter

35: Neil Tomba | Conversations that Matter

On today’s episode we’re talking with Neil Tomba. Neil has served as the senior pastor for 17 years at one of the most well known, well loved churches in Dallas, Texas, Northwest Bible Church. Years ago, a huge dream was born in Neil’s heart when he discovered two of his greatest passions : having conversations about Jesus, and spending time in the great outdoors.

Neil decided loving Jesus meant more than just listening to sermons every Sunday, it meant taking risks and sharing the Jesus he loved through conversations with others. In June 2019, Neil will be cycling across the United States where, along the way, he intends to engage in conversations about faith and Jesus with individuals from all walks of life. We know you’ll enjoy diving into Neil’s story and hearing the birth of this courageous dream.





“ God honors faith.”


“It’s time for the church to get back to the mission: We get the joy and privilege to tell people about the most important thing in our life.”


“ I just LOVE having conversations about Jesus.”


“There is power in time and prayer.”


“It’s like a “turtle on a fence post. If you’re walking along a fence and spot a turtle sitting atop a fencepost, you know it didn’t get there by itself. God placed me me in the position of Senior Pastor.”


“I thought all I had to do was preach Jesus, love Jesus, and follow Jesus and we would be rocking and rolling. I had no idea the pain and the scars that can accompany people who have been hanging out together for 60 years.”


“It’s easy to have a great show on Sunday morning, and then the people who were unhappy at the last church come to this church.”


“It’s about practicing community, confession and being known. I don’t want to get to the end of my life and have people say, “I just didn’t know him. . . I need people speaking into my life, because that’s where growth happens.”


(Of Jim Elliot) “He was a man who was taking risks because Ho loved Jesus and he knew loving Jesus meant more than just listening to sermons every Sunday.”


“ ‘He is no fool to give up what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.’- Jim Elliot”


“There’s something special that happens when we walk side by side that doesn’t happen in the pastor’s office.”


“Sometimes desperate dependence on Jesus looks like help from others.”





Shadow of the Almighty, Elizabeth Elliot


Practicing Community, Confession, and Being Known


“It’s ok to ask for help.”










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