34: Meshali Mitchell | Restoration

34: Meshali Mitchell | Restoration

On today’s episode we’re talking with our good friend and world renowned photographer, Meshali Mitchell. Meshali is known for her incredible gift of capturing the heart and soul through her beautiful portraits, which is why she’s one of the most highly sought after photographers around, shooting everyone from Sadie Robertson to Priscilla Shirer, Rebekah Lyons and more.

We chat with Meshali about her leap of faith out of a corporate job, pushing past fear and bringing her photography dream to life. We had the incredible honor of recording this conversation on location at the beautiful 1886 Farmhouse Meshali is restoring and hearing how God has led Meshali out of her comfort zone again and back out on the water for this new project #ahousgodisbuilding. Friends, you’re in for such a treat today (and get ready for the sweetest southern accent you’ve ever heard.) Enjoy!



“When you step out to take the leap to follow God, He’ll start merging all your gifts together.”

“We live a life of seasons, and the Lord constantly calls us out of the boat… that’s part of faith and it’s how He grows and stretches us.”

“It hasn’t been easy, there’ve been plenty of sleepless nights, but God has always proved Himself as my provider.”

“God is always up to something new.”

“Restoration means that through Christ, no matter what’s broken, no matter what’s been abandoned or lost, anything can be made new and restored in Christ.”

“I’ve resonated with this house so much because each room tells a piece of my story.”

“Christ can take the most broken down pieces and pour His love and care into it, and rebuild it into His masterpiece.”

“Restoration is all of our stories. They all look different, but when it gets down to the core, we all have a story of restoration.”

“I know I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for some people in my life who encouraged and loved me through some really huge bumps in the road.”

“Get serious about the gift the Lord’s given you, get underneath people who can mentor you and pour into you, and then work hard toward it.”




To Be Told, Dan Allender





Daily Time in God’s Word





“Trust above all else that God loves you and He is always true to His word.”







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