30: John Eldredge | Living a Life of Adventure

30: John Eldredge | Living a Life of Adventure

When it comes to living a life of adventure, no one has more wisdom to share than the original king of adventure himself, John Eldredge.  On today’s episode, pull up a seat and join us as we sit at the feet of one of the wisest leaders of our time!


The New York Times best selling author, dynamic speaker, and Director of Ransomed Heart Ministries in Colorado is known most for his best selling book, Wild at Heart, a remarkable work on recovering the masculine soul. (Men, if you have not read this, it is a MUST) He’s also written some of our other very favorite books of all time, Waking the Dead, Journey of Desire, & the WAY of the Wild Heart, just to name a few.


You’ll hear how John went from just barely surviving to living the life of adventure he longed for, how to uncover the God given design of your own heart and live fully alive, and the hope and heart behind his latest project, All Things New.


What you’ll experience after spending time with John today is the same thing you’ll find when you pick up any of his books: it will make you want to grow closer to Jesus. John is the real deal and is always so good to remind us that loving Jesus really is what living a life of adventure is all about. We were so impacted by this incredible conversation with one of our greatest heroes, and we know you will be too! Enjoy!






“I woke up one day to realize, I hate my life. It’s not me. How did I wind up here?”


“When you go into the bookstore, what section do you go to?”


“God said to me, ‘I will not let you walk alone.’”


“God is great at healing broken hearts.”


“Either we believe in a war or we don’t.”


“If you believe you live in a war, it really explains a lot of your story. The loss, the wounds, the accusations.”


“If you don’t believe you live in a war, you either blame it on God or you blame it on yourself.”


“I was always the guy looking for treasure in the field.”


“To see a man come alive, to choose courage, and to choose life, to choose love…. it’s an extraordinary thing to see a man get his heart back.”


“Chasing your dreams is a very dangerous thing.”


“A life with Jesus is an invitation to desire.”


“Where did you lose heart?”


“You have to know your story. Where did you first lose heart? How did you get to where you are now?”


“Most people abandon their God given desires, their God given design because they’re trying to please others.”


“Somewhere along the way, we lose who God created us to be because we’re just trying to live out a script that everyone else else handed us.”


“You have to go back into your story and ask: ‘Where did I learn to crucify my desires?
Where did I begin to lose heart? What was it I once dreamed of?’”


“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that. Because what the world needs are people who have come alive.” Howard Thurman


“It’s a beautiful messy process, but it really involves the recovery of your heart.”


“There’s something that happens when we bury our hearts under the porch to seek a safer life.”


“Your desires don’t go away, they go underground, and they surface in other ways.”


“Most men are very angry inside. There’s a rage that’s just right underneath the surface, and it’s because they have no great battle to fight. and because they don’t feel like they’re winning at the little battles they are fighting. . . So the warrior inside them is just pissed.”


“If you bury all that, I tell you what, you’re gonna blow up something. You’re gonna blow up your work, or your marriage, or your health….. You can’t neglect the heart and get away with it.”


“This isn’t about a selfish life…. it’s saying, if you get hooked up to the heart of God, and you get your heart back, he has really big story for you to live in.”


“We all long for renewal.”


“There are three great forces to the human life, faith, hope, and love.”


“Most people do not have a resilient hope that just carries them through life.”


“Hope is supposed to be the anchor of our souls.”


“The promise of God is the restoration of your life.”


“Here’s how hope works: if it’s vague, you can’t hope for it.”


“God has rigged the world so that it doesn’t work without Him.”


“What are you doing with your disappointments?”


“When you get in touch with your heartache for restoration, Jesus can speak into that and say, ‘I have some phenomenal news for you. Everything you love is going to be restored. It will really open your heart up to a pretty breathtaking hope.”


“We stay away from this as long as we can, we live in denial….. that the kids are gonna grow up, that your health won’t always be like it was in your youth, but eventually, life will sneak up on you and you’ll start to experience loss.”


“Nothing is lost.”


“You can’t live fully until you get rid of the fear.”


“What’s with all the addictions? It’s because you’re living in survival mode.”


“It frees you to get out of survival mode when you realize you don’t have to fear loss.”


“You go on, your calling goes on.”


“You have to make God the treasure of your heart.”


“You begin to love God in your disappointment. To love him in your loss. in the midst of your suffering. To love him more than anything. It’s our one rescue.”







The Chronicles of Narnia

Journey of Desire

Waking the Dead

Wild at Heart

The Way of the Wild Heart

All Things New




Listening to the voice of God.




“You’re Gonna Be Ok. Relax, buddy. It’s all gonna work out.”




Ransomed Heart






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