27: Curtis Zackery | Soul Rest

27: Curtis Zackery | Soul Rest

You’re in for such a treat on today’s episode! We’re talking with our new friend, Curtis Zackery about finding REST for our souls. Doesn’t that sound nice? Life is a gift, and it’s going by so fast. We all need to slow down and cherish every single moment. Curtis speaks so beautifully to this in his new book, SOUL REST, Reclaiming Your Life. Returning to Sabbath.

Curtis is a speaker, author, and a pastor at Church of the City in Nashville, TN, where he lives with his amazing wife, Monique and two sweet kiddoes. We loved hearing Curtis share the story and heart behind this new project, Soul Rest, and we know you will too! ENJOY!




“For so long I found my identity in the things that I could do for God.”


“I began to realize in my own strength, there was no way I could sustain the pace I was running at.”


“I felt God saying to me, ‘Now that I’ve taken away everything that you’re known for, everything that’s your platform, would you love and worship me with the same passion?’, and troubling as it may be, I found that my honest answer was “no.”


“That realization was terrifying; that my passion and love for Jesus was deeply interwoven with what I got to do for Him. It was really the beginning of this journey of understanding what it means to have rest for your soul.”


“God’s intention for humanity from the very beginning was that we would find rest in Him.”


“We were created by God to be in communion with Him; to live connected to Him, and to find fulfillment in Him alone.”

“Our eternal longing can only be fulfilled by an eternal one.”


“We all have a shared longing, wether we know it or not, and that longing is to be fulfilled by God.”


“The beauty is we can rest because of the finished work of Jesus.”


“Sabbath is a gift from God as a pathway to communion with Him.”


“Sabbath is not just a rule to follow so that I can please God. When I practice Sabbath, I am able to connect with God in a way that He has designed so that I can find Him in it.”


“God offers a different way to find rest….. freeing us from striving to get it, He says, ‘I will GIVE you rest.’”


“It’s not about ceasing from work or finding permission to not do anything. When we do our work we are now fueled and equipped because of the rest we have connected to Him.”


“The greatest plight of humanity is our intention to be our own God.”


“God himself found refreshment by practicing the Sabbath.”


“We keep the day holy not by slothful behavior its not by inactivity. The way we keep the day holy is by acknowledging that our work is not what brings significance. It’s the finished work of God and who He is that makes everything significant.”


“We live into what we value.”


“Yes, it’s important for us to practice a day of Sabbath as a way of connecting with God, but I also believe that there is a Sabbath way of thinking that’s important to infuse into the way that we live.”


“Sabbath is available even in our work.”


“Reframe what it looks like to work from rest.”


“We’ve started practicing a weekly family Sabbath.”


“In regards to social media, there’s freedom in realizing you don’t HAVE to do it.”


“Simply acknowledging that Social Media is not an integral part of my life’s necessary rhythms gives me the freedom to engage it on my own terms.”


“We were not built for these kind of social media platforms that we have. If we are going to steward these platforms, it needs to be deeply fueled by the way of Jesus.”


“God’s intention for humanity is that we would find rest connected to Him.”






Soul Rest


The Bookends of the Christian Life


The Contemplative Pastor





“Finding ways to still myself and rest. Letting God do deep His work in my heart.”


“Finding spaces to stop and trust God with my life has changed the way that I live.”





“Stop talking so much.”


“So much of my life has been shaped by my desire to please other people and to be known and loved. In my genuine desire to experience those things and in my genuine desire to
honor God with my life, it’s been easy for me to use words as a way to create pseudo connections, but also keep people from knowing who I really am. So I think I would say to be quiet and listen and learn, and to say the things that I truly feel and know rather that trying to skirt issues with an abundance of words.”





Soul Rest Book






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