25: Matt Sayman | Finding a Fresh Start

25: Matt Sayman | Finding a Fresh Start

On today’s show, we chat with Matt Sayman, Former Baylor Basketball Star, Coach, and Author of his latest book, The Leftovers.  He has such an incredible story! At the age of 9, Matt fell in love with the game of basketball.  At the age of 12 he wrote down 3 huge dreams, and they all came true.  As a Baylor Basketball star, everything was going according to his plan, when the unexpected happened & changed everything. . .
Matt offers super practical advice on how to reach your goals, how to let the curve balls of life refine you instead of define you, and how it’s never too late for a fresh start! We were so blessed by this conversation with Matt, we know you will be too! Enjoy!





“When you write down your goals they become real.”


“I wrote down my goals in the order I could attain them.”


“I started to believe that if I lived the right way then God would support whatever I wanted and that my life would go exactly as planned and I started to live that way.”


“The people in your life will get behind you when they see that you’re serious about it.”


“I found out that one of my teammates had shot and killed my other teammate, Patrick.”


“Just show up for one more day.”


“Basketball was going really wrong and my solution was to live poorly.”


“The attitude you choose to bring to your situation will determine is it will make you better or make you worse.”


“We were determined to do what nobody thought we could do.”


“By giving up control of you life to God you actually get your life back.”


“God opens up possibilities to you that you never saw were there.”


“It’s never too late for a fresh start.”


“Don’t let failure define you; let it refine you.”


“Look at your successes and failures and ask, ‘What can I learn from them and how can they make me become the best version of myself?’”





The Leftovers, Matt Sayman


Good or God, John Bevere


Walk On, Alan Williams





Make your bed everyday.





“Don’t let failure define you; let it refine you.”










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