21: Rick and Jackie Drew | Finding Radical Joy

21: Rick and Jackie Drew | Finding Radical Joy

Our guests today on the One Life Podcast are the founders of Rad Joy, Rick and Jackie Drew.

A couple of years ago, Rick & Jackie began feeling an unrest, like big change was on the horizon. At the same time, they were debating turning their side hobby into a full-time business. On today’s episode you’ll get to hear the rest of the incredible story behind the launch of their business, Rad Joy, where their mission is to create products that help others live a surrendered life. We talk with Rick and Jackie about the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial life, what they’ve learned about working together as a couple, and the radical joy that comes from a life fully surrendered.




” It’s one word: GRACE.” Rick


” We have to constantly remind ourselves, ‘We are on the same team.’ ” Jackie


” It’s not a coincidence that we own a company about surrendering because it’s something we’re learing everyday.” Jackie


” More is caught than taught.” Rick



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