17: Raising Brave Kids with Mark and Jan Foreman

17: Raising Brave Kids with Mark and Jan Foreman

Guys, we cannot wait to introduce you to our guests on today’s episode, Mark and Jan Foreman.

Mark and Jan are the parents of Jon and Tim Foreman from the band Switchfoot, pastors of North Coast Calvary Chapel, and also just happen to be the authors of our very favorite parenting book on the planet, Never Say No!

As you listen to Mark and Jan share, you will quickly understand why their book remains at the top of our list!  We chat with Mark and Jan about how to really enjoy our kids, the importance of saying yes to the invitations from our kids to join them in adventure, and also becoming people who lead the way in our own lives by saying yes to the adventures God is calling us to take!  Their wisdom and advice have truly been transformative to us both in our parenting and in our lives.  We know you will be blessed and impacted as well! Enjoy our conversation with Mark and Jan Foreman.






” To be used to the greatest extent, for the greatest good, to rust out rather than burn out!”

“When I feel burnt out or discouraged, I have to ask, ‘What’s not happening that I want to happen?’, ‘Why and I going to the plate over and over again and striking out?’ And there’s usually a reason behind it.”- Mark

“Often times people create too thick of boundaries out of fear.” – Mark

“When you rust out it’s because you’ve made a habit of saying no to the opportunities that come along.” -Jan

” There’s just too much of God in this universe to just sit back and miss out on the opportunities that He gives us.  We have to look at the world as an adventure that unfolds each new day.”  – Jan

” We can teach them one thing, but it’s who we are that they’ll actually become.” – Jan

“Faith can’t grow when it’s smothered.” – Jan

“Lean into every opportunity as they invite you into their world, because it might not happen again in quite the same way.” – Jan

“Children are great imitators, let’s give them something great to imitate.”

“The word no is the breaks. Yes is the accelerator. You can’t drive a car with the breaks.” – Mark

“The good news is, our kids are pre-wired to want to be like us, and the bad news is, our kids are pre-wired to want to be like us.  So, the large part of parenting is US transforming. It forces us to ask ourselves, who so I want to become, because that is who our kids are becoming.” – Mark

“Jesus didn’t call us to be safe.  He’s called called us to change the world.” – Mark

” Let’s take our kids to the edge, because we want to take ourselves to the edge.” – Jan




Never Say No, Mark & Jan Foreman


The Chronicles of Narnia, C.S Lewis

The Velveteen Rabbit, Margery Williams






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