14: The Power of a Tribe with Tate Cunningham from the band Safety Suit

14: The Power of a Tribe with Tate Cunningham from the band Safety Suit

It’s a very exciting day here at One Life, because we have our very first official Rockstar on the podcast! We’re talking about the incredibly gifted & talented, Tate Cunningham.

Also known as the world famous drummer for one of our very favorite bands, Safety Suit.


Safety Suit has released three incredible records, toured the country with other notable artists including Lifehouse, Goo Goo Dolls, 3 Doors Down, and the Script. Their songs have been featured on the Top Charts for Billboard, iTunes, and VH1, but even more impressive than their super successful music career is the level of integrity and character they’ve managed to hold onto along the way.


We cannot wait for you to hear Tate share his incredible story of risking it all to go for his dream, lessons he’s learned along the way, and the power of having the right tribe around you. Also, if you’re listening in your car, go ahead and roll those windows down, crank up the volume, and jam out to the incredible song clips sprinkled throughout this episode featuring some of our very favorite Safety Suit hits!


We were so impacted and blessed by our conversation with Tate, we know you will be as well! ENJOY!



“The underlying message with Safety Suit is hope. We all could use a dose of that.”


“Being in a band is about as high risk as you can get.”


“Having a tribe is huge. Because at some point you’re gonna question “Why am I here? Why am I doing this?” And if you have a tribe of people around you that care about you and have the same goal in mind then your low time’s that high time for the other person and they’re gonna be able to pull you through it.”


“If you know in your heart and in your mind what your dream is, then don’t listen to anyone…. there’s really no formula on how to make it happen, and there are alot of people who will tell you otherwise.”


“You just have to put in the work. Whatever your dream is. “


“There’s just no way around putting in a lot of hard work. There are no short cuts. It takes hard work and dedication. Work, dedication and discipline to make it happen.”


“Be consistent and find people in your life who will partner with you in your dream. Who will mentor you in the field that you want to pursue.”


“Get people around you who are gonna be able to lift you up on those days when you’re not sure you can do it anymore. . . You need people to lean on in the process of achieving your goals.”


“You have to treat people right. You’re not going to get very far if you have all the right stuff, but you’re running over people in the process. That’s just not how life works.”


“You have to give and love and help other people even if you’re though you might be the one who needs the help at the time. It comes back around, it really does.”


“Listen to your gut.”














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