10: Finding Your Calling & Courage with Hand Lettering Artist Andrea Howey

10: Finding Your Calling & Courage with Hand Lettering Artist Andrea Howey

In today’s episode we talk with our good friend and amazing hand lettering artist, Andrea Howey about how God revealed an unexpected calling during the hardest season of her life.  She began writing out promises from the Bible in an effort to build her faith, and after a quick google search she discovered her gift had a name: hand lettering.  Now God is using her beautiful hand lettering artwork to spread truth and encourage thousands through her daily instagram posts.


We chatted with Andrea all about finding your calling, crazy faith required kind of risks, and how to hold on to God’s promises on the tough days. We were so inspired by our conversation with Andrea; we know you will be too!


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Guys, make sure you go and grab a beautiful print or two from AndreaHowey.com and use the 15% off discount promo code she is offering to you, our amazing listeners: ONELIFE   It’s that simple!  We absolutely LOVED  this one, this one, and this one!  Leave us a comment with your favorite finds!

Be encouraged, friends!



Live Love Lead, Brian Houston


A Leader In The Making, Joyce Meyer





“God, if you really are good and if your Word is true, I’m going to figure out what it looks like to stand on your word and on your promises!”


“I began to dig into the Word of God and find what I needed to stir up my faith and latch onto hope.”


“There are just some things in life we won’t have answers to, that wrap up in a pretty bow, that make sense this side of heaven.”


“Obedience is never lost with God. He’s never going to leave us. He’s never going to fail us.”


“Stay faithful. Stay constant. Stay committed to what’s in your hand today.”


“As your listening to God, He’ll get you where you need to be.”


“Enjoy where you are today.”


“Find out what your interests are. Practice them daily. That gives God room to take it to the next level.”


“Take risks, don’t let fear hold you back.”


“God has called me onward and forward and my best is yet to come with Him, and it’s worth it to take those risks of faith.”


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